Z8, ZR8 Bronpompen van gegoten RVS AISI 304/ Duplex voor 8” bronnen

Lowara : Bronpompen :

The Z8-ZR8 series is designed for use in 8” wells. The pump is built in stainless steel and resists corrosion even in more aggressive environments thanks to the ZR8 version in Duplex.

This design feature boasts a “dynamic” wear ring which reduces hydraulic losses to a minimum and prevents the pump from blocking during stand-by periods. Meaning the pump is ideal for use in mining, water supply from deep wells and pressure boosting and water distribution applications in municipal and industrial systems.

Z8: AISI 304

All Z8, ZR8 pumps can be coupled to NEMA standard motors.


  • Opbrengst: tot 180 m³/h
  • Opvoerhoogte: tot 550 m
  • Stroomtoevoer: drie fase 50 en 60 Hz
  • Vermogen: van 150 kW tot 5,50 kW
  • Maximum druk: 55 bar
  • Vloeistoftemperatuur: tot 30 °C
  • Maximale dompeldiepte: 350 m
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